Privacy Statement

The Loose Ends Festival (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Event’) is organised by Friendly Fire B.V., with its registered office and principal place of business at Wingerdweg 4 (1031CA) in Amsterdam, and registered under Chamber of Commerce number 30251806 (hereinafter referred to as ‘Friendly Fire’). Friendly Fire respects the privacy of its clients and of all visitors to the website (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Website’) and/or the Event (hereinafter jointly referred to as ‘the Visitors’). Friendly Fire ensures that the personal data are handled confidentially. Personal data are processed in accordance with the statutory provisions as prescribed by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Article 1 - Applicability
1.1 This Privacy Statement provides information about the processing of personal data by or on behalf of Friendly Fire and only concerns the use of personal data of Visitors to the Website and/or the Event.
1.2 This Privacy Statement does not apply to websites of third parties, such as websites or apps to which Friendly Fire refers on its Website or in its mailings. Please visit the relevant websites for the privacy policy applied by these third parties.

Article 2 - Identity of Friendly Fire
2.1 Friendly Fire will respect the privacy of its clients and of all its Visitors. Friendly Fire will ensure that the personal data are dealt with confidentially. Personal data are processed in accordance with the statutory provisions, such as the General Data Protection Act.
2.2 This Privacy Statement provides information about the collection and processing of personal data by or on behalf of Friendly Fire.
2.3 Friendly Fire has its registered office and principal place of business at Wingerdweg 4, Amsterdam.
It is listed at the Chamber of Commerce under number 30251806. Friendly Fire can be reached at the email address
2.4 The data subject is not obliged to provide personal data. However, to ensure an appropriate level of services, the provision of specific personal data is a prerequisite.

Article 3 - What personal data are gathered by Friendly Fire?
3.1 When purchasing tickets for the Event, the Visitor may be asked (by the relevant (presale) outlet or other parties) to provide personal data such as the Visitor’s name, (email) address and telephone number, which data Friendly Fire will obtain from the (presale) outlet.
3.2 In addition, Friendly Fire has the right to use the personal data of Visitors, such as the Visitor’s name, (email) address and telephone number, it obtains directly from Visitors in connection with orders placed with Friendly Fire via the Website.
3.3 Friendly Fire also has the right to obtain surfing data (including the IP address, date and time of the visit to the Website) of Visitors to the Website.
3.4 In order to enable the registration of a payment instrument obtained from Friendly Fire for use during the Event, such as a wristband or payment card, which can be used to pay for refreshments during the Event, the Visitor will be asked to provide an email address and a password. In order to receive a refund from Friendly Fire of the outstanding amount that was deposited on the registered payment instrument by the Visitor in case of loss or theft, the Visitor will be asked to provide certain data such as his/her name, email address, bank account number and telephone number. In addition, it will be necessary to inspect the Visitor’s valid proof of identity.
3.5 During the event, data of Visitors may be processed by Friendly Fire or a media partner, such as the registration of the Event by camera , whether or not by means of camera surveillance.

Article 4 - What will your personal data be processed for?
4.1 Friendly Fire uses the gathered personal data in principle to be able to perform the agreements with Visitors in the best possible manner and for internal administration purposes.
4.2 Specifically, Friendly Fire may collect and use personal data:
a. for the purpose of being able to deliver the ordered tickets and products to the right person;
b. (if the Visitor chooses to make use thereof) to be able to link a payment instrument purchased by the Visitor from Friendly Fire to the Visitor so that the payment instrument can be blocked if the payment instrument is lost or stolen;
c. in order to be able to refund any remaining balance on the payment instrument obtained by the Visitor from Friendly Fire, if the payment instrument is lost or stolen and, in this connection, in order to be able to implement security measures and prevent fraud as much as possible;
d. to provide Visitors with information or facilitate the provision of information to Visitors, for example by means of newsletters, concerning changes relating to tickets and/or concerts and events organised by Friendly Fire, for example through a newsletter;
e. for the purpose of establishing, maintaining and improving the contractual relationship with its existing and potential clients or for the purpose of improving the services and products; and/or
f. to apply and fulfil statutory obligations.
4.3 Friendly Fire or a media partner may make or engage others to make visual and/or sound recordings during the Event. Friendly Fire may use these recordings on the Website or for the promotion of the Event via social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. In addition, the recordings can be used on the media channels of the media partner(s), possibly including radio and/or television. Friendly Fire may use recordings made under camera surveillance for safety and security purposes.
4.4 Friendly Fire may send newsletters by email. If the Visitor no longer wishes to receive newsletters, he or she may use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.
4.5 Any backups of the stored data made by Friendly Fire for the optimal performance of the systems are used exclusively for system recovery in the event of a system failure.
4.6 The data are not used for any purpose other than as described above.

Article 5 - Surfing data and clicking behaviour
5.1 Surfing data collected by Friendly Fire can be stored and used to statistically analyse and optimise the visit to and use of the Website. Surfing data are anonymised as much as possible. Only anonymised data can be passed on to third parties such as Google Analytics.

Article 6 - Cookies and Google Analytics
6.1 Similarly to most other websites, Friendly Fire reserves the right to gather information by using cookies, which facilitate navigation of the Website. Cookies are small bits of information (files) that are left behind on a computer by a website. The website instructs the web browser that is used to view the website (for example, Internet Explorer) to store these cookies on the computer. Cookies can be disabled in the web browser’s settings.
6.2 Friendly Fire uses Google Analytics to obtain insight into the use of the Website. This information, including the IP address, is provided to Google exclusively for the purpose of making use of this service.
6.3 The Website also places cookies from Google within the context of the Google Analytics service. Friendly Fire has no influence on what Google does with the information it has obtained in this manner.

Article 7 - Social networks
7.1 The Website of the Event includes buttons that are linked to social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. The relevant social networks can place cookies via the buttons. Friendly Fire does not exercise any influence on the use of these cookies by these parties.
7.2 The relevant social networks are independently responsible for the use and provision of data that are obtained in this manner. The privacy policy and the general terms and conditions of the relevant social networks apply to this use.

Article 8 - Visual and sound recordings
8.1 Friendly Fire or a media partner may make visual and/or sound recordings of the Visitors for the purposes of promotion and/or concert registration of the Event. These recordings may be communicated to the public or reproduced through various media channels of Friendly Fire and/or media partner(s) without Friendly Fire or these media partners being liable to pay any compensation to the Visitor.

Article 9 - Camera surveillance
9.1 To ensure the safety of the Visitor and the protection of persons, buildings and grounds, there is camera surveillance.
9.2 There are visible security cameras at various locations of the Event site. The Visitor is informed about the presence of camera surveillance when entering the grounds of the Event.
9.3 In the event of calamities, these recordings may be handed over as support material to government authorities, such as the police and judicial authorities.

Article 10 - Retention period
10.1 Friendly Fire retains personal data no longer than is strictly necessary for the performance of the agreements and in any event no more than two years after the agreement has ended, unless it is necessary to retain them for a longer period in order to comply with a statutory retention obligation. Camera images from security cameras are retained for a maximum period of 28 days.

Article 11 - Inspection, correction and objection
11.1 The Visitor must ensure that Friendly Fire has the correct personal data. Visitors may file a written objection to the use of specific data by Friendly Fire or file a written request to Friendly Fire at info@looseendsfestival for the inspection, correction and/or removal of their personal and other data. Any corrections stated by the Visitor will be processed following a written request to that effect.
11.2 Through the email address, the Visitor may withdraw permission for the use of its personal data. Withdrawal of permission does not affect the lawful use of personal data prior to the withdrawal of the permission.
11.3 Complaints about the use of personal data may be addressed to Friendly Fire or the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Article 12 - Sharing and transfer of data
12.1 Friendly Fire is authorised to share the data of a Visitor with Friendly Fire affiliates, parent and sister companies, and to parties that Friendly Fire engages in the performance of its services, including in respect of the aforementioned purposes, such as for the promotion and/or concert registration of the Event.
12.2 Friendly Fire may, without the specific permission of a Visitor, provide his or her data because of its legal obligations and/or following requests from authorities.
12.3 Since Friendly Fire engages third parties in its services, which supply products or services on behalf of Friendly Fire, in which context personal data of Visitors may be used (unless otherwise stated), Friendly Fire may provide these data to these third parties as well. Friendly Fire has concluded the necessary agreements to ensure that the personal data are processed and protected in accordance with the relevant European and Dutch legislation.

Article 13 - Security
13.1 Friendly takes the protection of personal data seriously and will take appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, accidental data disclosure and unauthorised modification.
13.2 Should the Visitor have the impression that his or her data are not properly secured or that there are indications of abuse, or if the Visitor wishes to receive additional information about the security of personal data collected by Friendly Fire, please contact

Article 14 - Changes
14.1 Friendly Fire reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Visitors are advised to consult the current Privacy Statement regularly for any changes. Friendly Fire will expressly inform Visitors of any essential changes, through the Website or in an email addressed to the Visitor.
14.2 Questions and/or comments relating to this Privacy Statement may be addressed to

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